North Carolina Granite Kitchen Countertops

Undermount Sink

Choose an Undermount Sink for a Clean and Sleek Look

Authorities who primarily practice kitchen and bathroom remodeling suggest installing under-mount sinks. Under mount sinks are by far the most preferred because of their cutting-edge, streamlined attractiveness and their neat and clean look. Because they are installed under the countertop, one can easily wipe crumbs and debris from the countertop right into the sink, without it getting caught under the rim of the sink. The former style sink that calls for an application of caulk around it to provide a seal between the sink and countertop attracts particles and debris and simply starts looking bad over time.

The undermount sink does not function well with all countertops. The perfect countertop for this type of sink is granite, marble or any natural stone or solid surface material. Countertops of laminate or formica could eventually peel and bubble up with time, so an under mount sink is not suggested for this kind of surface.

There are several styles of kitchen sinks to choose from, including single and double bowl. Bathroom sinks offer many options with an assortment of dimensions, shapes and colors available. Kitchen and bath remodeling tasks are one of the most pricey to carry out, so no matter what selection you decide on your sink and countertop, you will need to ensure it will continue to be functional and beautiful for a lifetime. The undermount sink is one well worth thinking about.

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